When a quoit interrupts your life

Last Tuesday 25th June marked what I had planned as a four-month countdown to the launch event for ‘The Piano Player’s Son’. I intended to write a post describing my excitement and impatience as this longed-for date draws closer. It was not to be! And the reason?

Yes – quoits!

I tried to catch a quoit that was sailing way out of my reach and in the process, crashed to the ground. I fell so heavily on my right side that at first, I thought I’d fractured my cheekbone. But when I tried to stand up, I found I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot. Fast forward through Monday night when the pain was so bad when I tried to step on it, that I fainted twice, through to the xrays on Tuesday where several hairline fractures were suspected to the fracture clinic on Wednesday –  and sort of good news.

The consultant decided that rather than fractured bones, I had torn ligaments. This felt a huge relief until medical staff said ligaments can take longer to heal than bones! I was kitted out with crutches and an amazing boot:

Donjoy Walkabout

 So far, so good – at least it’s not a plaster. However, my schedule is/was completely packed with teaching, a talk, a book group visit, a concert, and by no means least, a visit to Ireland for the launch of the Fish anthology at the West Cork Literary Festival. How on earth was I going to fulfil all these commitments when I couldn’t drive?

Because of some wonderful friends and husband (probably should have mentioned him first!), I’ve managed to get to everything apart from the talk which I reluctantly had to cancel. The trip to Ireland is still looming as a challenge, but one I’m determined to conquer.

In the meantime, I’ve written nothing – and more worryingly nor have I wanted to. I’ve gone off every aspect of it – apart from a final check of the proofs of ‘The Piano Player’s Son’, which is going to the printer’s soon! A couple of other things have also conspired against any desire to write, but I hope I’ll feel re-inspired and invigorated by West Cork. I am finding the novel I’m writing at the moment very challenging – but that’s for another day.

Among the list of things I had to do, I mentioned a concert – you can see/hear a snippet here. Just to show I don’t spend all my time agonising about writing!



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  1. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    I see what you did there, with the title! Clever. I hope the foot heals soon and that you have a wonderful time in Ireland. Savour the triumph of the Fish win and come back raring to go again!

  2. Polly says:

    Loving ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ – and ‘Barbara Ann’ is pretty spectular. Love the way your right crutch keeps time so perfectly – they’re missing a trick if they don’t use that in future! Yeah!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Christine. My foot is mending – certainly far less painful than it was. I’m certainly hoping to make the most of every bit of the Irish trip (oh dear – trip not such a good choice of word!) and especially the Fish Launch. I suppose I ought to practise my reading – with everything that’s happened, I haven’t even thought about that!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Glad you like it, Polly. There are several more on YouTube and I couldn’t decide which to post, so I went for the fun element. As for keeping the crutch, I can’t wait to get rid of it!

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