The Pull of the South-West

If that’s a strange title for a blog mainly about writing, reading and the experience of being a writer, it’s because this post’s link to the topic will be tangential at best. But I wanted you to know that I’m still alive, despite my silence. Perhaps as a result of... read more

West Cork Literary Festival – the highlights

I’ve just returned from almost a week in Ireland (a week during which the sun shone all day, every day from the bluest of skies – almost unheard of in the south of Ireland) and somehow, I’ve got to come down to earth. The week was filled with wonderful experiences... read more

When a quoit interrupts your life

Last Tuesday 25th June marked what I had planned as a four-month countdown to the launch event for ‘The Piano Player’s Son’. I intended to write a post describing my excitement and impatience as this longed-for date draws closer. It was not to be! And the reason? Yes – quoits!... read more