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There seems to be a lot going on at the moment – distracting me from writing my novel – but otherwise all enjoyable.

I really excited to be a featured writer on the West Midlands Readers Network website. I’ve written about my love of reading and writing from when I was a child. And how that has grown into a big, grown-up love which is all-consuming. Some days, I wish my passion could be gardening, travelling, mountain climbing (well, I do love mountains), but, no, I’m stuck with a drive which involves sitting at the computer for hours, alone – apart from occasional forays into emails and Facebook – with only people I’ve made up for company! How mad is that?

I’ve still got some of the exercise books where I took my first tentative steps into fiction. Here’s a peek into one:

January 10th

Today I left home for my first job as a maid at ‘Herons’, the residence of Lord and Lady London and their son and daughter. I had a hard job to fight back my tears as I kissed Mother goodbye and she nearly tore my heart out with her crying. I don’t  know why because it’s her fault I’m going. I could have got a much better job than a maid, but she thinks because she was a maid, I must be one too.

Oo er! And I promise I’ve never read Barbara Cartland in my life!

I’m also delighted to be a featured writer on Rebecca Gethin’s website. You can read a couple of short pieces of mine on there.  Rebecca is another Cinnamon Press author. Her novel LIAR DICE tells the story of Petronella’s  discovery of her mother’s wartime diaries which centre on her experiences of resistance in war-torn Italy. It’s beautifully written and very evocative. Rebecca also writes wonderful poetry mainly about the natural world and landscape.

Last Sunday I wrote a guest post on Louise Wise’s website. During November Louise is hosting posts from other authors on two themes – Love and romance in contemporary fiction, and e-book publishing. My post is called Romance, love and sex, oh YEEEEESSSS! And no – I didn’t come up with that title!

Tomorrow I’m going to be on one of the panels at West Midlands Writing networking day ‘The Writers’ Toolkit’. I’m with three others talking about developing a career as a writer, and there are lots of other strands from self-publishing to performing poetry. Should be fun!

And I’m really looking forward to the event next Tuesday at the Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham. It’s the culmination of the commissioned short story (which I’ve blogged about before). The six commissioned writers – and yes, I’m one of them! – will join up with members from the various reading groups, and lots of other people, we hope, to discuss the experience and process of writing the stories and to read extracts from those stories. I think it will be a good evening, plus there are free, limited edition anthologies which contain all six stories. Whoopy Doo Dah!

Have to apologise for a surplus of exclamation marks in this post. As I said, I’m excited!

To finish – a quote from Michael Crichton that I came across today: when there is something wrong in writing, the chances are that there is either too much of it, too little of it, or that it is in some way backwards. And another one on the same theme from Andy Killeen who masterminded the cityscapes short story experience at the Barber Institute recently: Think I’ve got this novel sussed now. There needs to be less of everything, except the things there needs to be more of. And the things that don’t need to be there at all. Love it!

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  1. Christine says:

    How exciting to be in such demand! Good posts on the various blogs and I do love the Michael Crichton and Andy Killeen quotes! Enjoyed the short stories too. Good luck for Tuesday.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Christine. Yes, a postive whirlwind of featured writers and guest posts! Glad you enjoyed the stories, but notice you didn’t comment on my youthful attempt at fiction! And the quotes are great. aren’t they?

  3. Looks like you’re having the best of times, Lindsay ~ so pleased for you ~ I’m just back from Arvon, and, yes, it was wonderful.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Polly. Yes, in some ways it is the best of times, but I’m a writer and lovely as all this, while I’m doing it – I’m not writing! Still, had a great day today at the Writers’ Toolkit. So nice to spend a whole day with other writers.
    Glad you had a good time on Arvon – lots of new poetry as a result??!

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