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It’s so lovely to have played a part in this anthology – the first ever flash fiction anthology, from the first ever Worcestershire Literary Festival’s flash fiction competition, organised to help celebrate the first ever  Flash Fiction Day held in May 2012.  Wow! That’s a lot of first evers to celebrate!

And there is a lot to celebrate in this anthology with interesting, moving and funny examples of flash fiction. I really enjoyed the opportunity to reread the stories submitted for the competition (without the pressure of choosing a shortlist and then the top three) and I noted some clear thematic links, which enabled me to put the stories into six groups under the headings of Visions of the Future, Perspectives on the Past, Relationships, Belief, People, Childhood and Age. And for the WLF competition the word limit was 300. That’s a challenging task.

As the introduction to A Flash of Fiction says: 

The difficulty of flash fiction lies in the fact that despite its brevity, the basic fictional elements that underpin the short story and longer fiction: character, setting, conflict, resolution, still need to be in place Although these elements may not always be apparent, and at times are hardly present at all, their implied existence acts as the cement that will make the work complete and satisfying.

Flash fiction requires economy and compression, which done well, can produce intense, immediate and enriching stories.

Although I was the overall editor for the anthology, none of it would have happened without the technological knowledge and expertise – and boundless enthusiasm! – of Polly Robinson. Polly and I chose the image for the front cover together – and I think it’s rather wonderful – but otherwise Polly is the brains behind the production of the book.

We’re hoping to launch A Flash of Fiction towards the end of November, and it will be available as an e and a print book. So, we can guess what the contributors’ friends and relations might be getting for Christmas!


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    I’m sorry, folks – not sure what’s happening. One minute the image is there and the next it’s not, and then it’s there again. I give up!

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