A poem for World Poetry Day

Okay, it’s not very good poetry, but it looks like a poem and I couldn’t let World Poetry Day pass!

An Empty Eyed Toad

I stare at the toad
And wonder why.
An empty echo of eyes
Ignores my question.

He bought it as a present.
‘For your collection,’ he said.
‘I collect owls,’ I told him,
Wondering how he couldn’t know.

And now an empty-eyed toad sits on the shelf
Instead of his love.
I study the toad,
Wondering why I didn’t know.

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  1. Elly says:

    I like your empty eyed toad poem very much!!!

    Thank you 🙂


  2. Lindsay says:

    Thank you, Elly! You’ve cheered me up.

  3. This is spooky! I have a ‘thing’ about toads (and pigs and drawers full of yellow dusters … don’t ask!) and a poem ‘bubbling’ about an evil toady type thing.

    It’s a good one, Lindsay, why oh why do they get it so wrong? 🙂

  4. Becky says:

    LIndsay, that is a very good poem, a very good one. you should do some more… I have a feeling that you do anyway?

  5. Lindsay says:

    Look forward to reading about your toad, Polly.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Pleased you like it, Becky, especially as your poetry is so good. I used to write poetry years ago, but I haven’t for a long time, although I love reading it. But I’ve recently been to a couple of poetry workshops, so have dipped my toe in the water again.

  7. Lynne Powell says:

    I loved this when I read it yesterday – but too busy to comment then. Just read it again – wonderful! And what a toad he is!

  8. Lindsay says:

    That’s really kind of you to say so. I feel a bit of an impostor posting a poem, but as it was World Poetry Day …

  9. Christine Michael says:

    Hello Lindsay, as I was present at the birth of this poem, does that make me a midwife toad? Well done – it’s great!

  10. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Christine. I love the comment!

  11. Liz Sharpe says:

    Wonderful! I just discovered this. It’s so true!!!

  12. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Liz. Glad you like it.

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