A poem for World Poetry Day

Okay, it’s not very good poetry, but it looks like a poem and I couldn’t let World Poetry Day pass! An Empty Eyed Toad I stare at the toad And wonder why. An empty echo of eyes Ignores my question. He bought it as a present. ‘For your collection,’ he said.... read more

The Battle of the Two Heroines

Thanks again to everyone who voted or commented on my Lily/Marsha dilemma. I loved reading all the comments and was interested to see people’s reasons for their choice. Obviously, Marsha won by a mile – but I was pleased that Lily had a ‘select’ band of supporters, as I am very attached... read more

Who has the rights to your writing?

Some years ago I was a regional winner in a short story competition with a story called The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled with the win and it was this win that finally persuaded me to do something I’d only dreamed of before... read more

Are novels like buses?

We all know the old complaint about buses – you wait hours and then … but I didn’t realise the same principle applied to ideas for novels! I’ve been feeling for a while now that I want to write another novel. Unravelling is out there in the world and The... read more