The Excitement of Winning

I was going to post about something else today, but feel I have to write about winning the Cinnamon Press novel award with my novel The Piano Player’s Son. I am filled with joy at the affirmation of my writing.

Publication isn’t until October 2013, and I hardly know how I shall contain my impatience until then, but I shall have to spend the time writing, rewriting, writing, rewriting in order to keep the momentum going.

I’m happy I made the decision to self-publish Unravelling. The rewards and satisfaction have been enormous. For a self-published novel from a first-time novelist, it has done very well, and as I’ve boasted before, it has won awards – first prize in the Chapter One Promotions book award and second in the Rubery Book Award – but my goal has always been to have a novel published by a ‘proper’ publisher. It feels strange to fulfil a goal held for so long.

I am grateful to Jan Fortune of Cinnamon Press for her belief in me and her recognition of my novel. I value her judgement, and it means a lot that she – with her team – has judged The Piano Player’s Son to be worthy of publication.

As I’m in danger of sentimentality, I’d better stop there!

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  1. Gail Aldwin says:

    Hi Lindsay

    Congratulations on your win – your hard work has paid off. I’m still in the process of trying to get published and will be interested in following the posts of your journey into print. I don’t have any connection with Jan although I do know two people who have been published by Cinnamon, Bobbie is one and the other is Louisa Adjoa Parker who had a collection of poetry published. I interviewed her on my blog if you’re interested in finding out a bit more about her experiences. Best wishes

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for getting in touch, Gail. I hope you might subscribe to my blog.
    I have been in print before as I’ve had short stories published and I self-published a novel ‘Unravelling’ in 2010 (you might have read about it on my blog) which has won a couple of awards, but the Cinnamon award is very exciting.
    It feels a very long time until publication in October 2013, but I’ll be busy writing in the meantime and might even have the draft of a new novel before then!
    Look forward to hearing more about your writing.

  3. Liz Sharpe says:

    You must be – well I can’t even think of an adequate word! I think I recognise elements of the book …
    Huge congratulations, and of course I am just a tiny bit envious. I’m currently working on the final chapter of my own novel, so it will soon be taking its chance out there in the scary world. It’s been years in the writing, so it will feel very strange to reach the end. All the very best, Liz

  4. Lindsay says:

    Yes, I’m thrilled to have the recognition. It means a lot after all the hard work. Just a bit disappointed that it’s going to take so long. If it wasn’t successful, I had planned to self-publish again in October this year, so waiting another year seems hard. The wheels of publishing turn slowly! I’ll just have to get on with more writing in the meantime.

    Good luck with your writing, Liz. Sending it out is daunting, but you’ve got no choice if you want to be read.

  5. Susi Powell says:

    Hi Lindsay, congratulations on the awards and the publishing contract. It must be an incredible feeling to get the news that it’s all happening.
    I am now rushing headlong towards the end of my first year at uni something I would never have been able to do without your input. I look forward to reading The Piano Player’s Son it gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to get one of my ideas into a publishable form. Brilliant. Susi Powell

  6. Lindsay says:

    Hi Susi

    Thanks for the congratulations! Yes, it’s all very exciting. I don’t know how I’m going to fill the time between now and publication – more writing!
    Good luck with your course. I hope you’re enjoying it and doing lots of writing.

  7. Lindsay, so thrilled for you, and I’ve enjoyed reading about the various stages of publication, from self-publishing, winning awards (congrats again) to now awaiting the hard copy publication of ‘The Piano Player’s Son’. Hope to meet up with you ‘properly’ at PP in March. Polly x

  8. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Polly. I’m thrilled. It means a lot after all the years of writing and rewriting, especially when it’s almost impossible for unknowns to get a novel published these days. Just wish it wasn’t such a long time to publication – some people are never satisfied!

  9. Linda Sellers says:

    Hi Lindsay

    So very pleased to hear that Cinnamon are going to publish The Piano Players Son – Many congratulations. I can only begin to imagine just how much work you have put into getting this far and I really look forward to reading it in due course. Such a shame that I’ve got to wait so long!

    Love, Linda

  10. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Linda. Yes, I’m very excited about the news – if a little frustrated and impatient that publication is so far away. I’ll have to do lots more writing in the meantime!

  11. Derek Taylor says:

    Well, Lindsay, we’re just so overjoyed for you. It’s a much, much deserved prize. Please send us the judges’ comments. We’re telling all our friends, by the way, that we know a proper writer… Lots of love – Derek and Maggie

  12. Lindsay says:

    Thank you very much, Derek and Maggie for your nice words. Obviously, I’m thrilled. Now I’ve got to contain my impatience until publication – perhaps another novel might help pass the time!

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