Feeling the pinch at Christmas?

Double dip recession. Collapse of Euro. Rising unemployment. Is this the hardest Christmas in decades? For some, yes, but certainly not all!

It was such thoughts that gave me the idea for an alternative version of a carol for my writing group’s Christmas-fest.

To be sung to the tune of O Come all ye Faithful. My version is:

O Come All Ye Workers

O come all ye workers,
Public and private,
Come ye, O come ye to Poverty.
Stripped of your pensions,
Work until you drop.

O come, let us despise them,
O come, let us despise them,
O come, let us despise them,
The Politicians

David Cameron,
George (the pompous) Osborne,
Lo, you abhor all us struggling folk.
Ignore our pain
At your utmost peril


Sing, choirs of bankers,
Sing, choirs of fat cats,
Sing, all ye have-a-lots, while have-nots go hang
Down with the bankers
Cause of all our misery:


Yes, mate, we’re trying,
All we need is money
To pay our taxes and the never-ending bills!
Down with the bankers
Still the same old fat cats!


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  1. nina falaise cooper says:

    Very funny, yet serious version of O Come all ye Faithful….love it!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Nina. I’m glad you enjoyed it – only sorry it’s so close to reality.
    Happy Christmas, despite the current woes!

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