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Spent the morning at the open day at Stanton Guildhouse – held to publicise the various courses the Guildhouse hosts. There’s wood carving, furniture restoration, glass engraving, painting, spinning (and so many others) and I teach creative writing there.

I had a lovely time. It’s such a beautiful place (although the man who got his car stuck down a ditch probably doesn’t think so!) with a wonderful setting. I had some interesting conversations and chatted to a few potential writing students. I sold a copy of Unravelling to someone who’s hoping to start knitting classes at Stanton. How fabulous, is that?

This evening I’m going to read at Parole Parlate: the spoken word. It’s a post-festival (Worcestershire Literary Festival) special, so should have a nice atmosphere. I’m going to read a piece called Sofia Brabazon Fights Back where the narrator is a character and she’s got a love/hate relationship with her creator. It’s supposed to be funny, so I hope it goes down okay!

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