International Rubery Book Award

I’m very excited! I’ve been awarded 2nd prize for Unravelling in the International Rubery Book Award for books published independently or self published. I received a cheque and a plaque. A Plaque!

And of course – the glory!

Most important are the positive comments from the judges who felt Unravelling is ‘an enjoyable and captivating read. It is well written, intricate, with a compelling narrative and strong dialogue. Unravelling deserves to be recognised.’

Whoopee! Perhaps not the Booker or the Orange, but whoopee do dah all the same!

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  1. Hello Lindsay,
    First congratulations on your plaque! and on your second award. I was lucky enough to get on the Rubery long-list (The Story of the Damascus Drum), which thankfully I didn’t discover til after the winner had been announced so spared anxious weeks of unrequited fantasy. I had entered the competition on a whim and forgotten all about it.
    Have you any idea how many entrants were there altogether?
    best wishes
    Christopher Ryan
    I shall now go and investigate unravelling.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for your congratulations, Christopher, and for getting in touch. I was a winner in 2011, whereas I presume you were on this year’s longlist. Congratulations on that – always nice when someone recognises your work has merit, isn’t it?

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