Talking & Ballet

Yes, I know that’s a weird title – nobody talks in ballet – but ‘talking and ballet’ sort of sums up my weekend! First, I visited a lovely book group, Warndon library readers group, on Friday to talk about ‘Unravelling’. They were so welcoming and friendly, and so enthusiastic about... read more


Went to a brilliant play at the Swan in Stratford-on-Avon last Saturday. It completely confounded my expectations of it. It’s called Dunsinane and is billed as a sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I thought it was going to be as dour and tragic as that play. (Makes it sound as if... read more

Worcestershire Literary Festival

A busy time ahead! The first ever Worcestershire Literary Festival starts tomorrow. I’ll be at the local authors book fayre at Perdiswell House pub Worcester, where writers will be able to sell their books, and there will be all sorts of activities with the aim of raising money for the... read more