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I’ve written about writing courses before, but the subject is in my mind now as several of my courses have just come to an end – either for Easter, or end, END!

It’s always sad. I meet so many nice people and enjoy getting involved in their writing, and then they disappear. Not always, though – sometimes they become friends. You can feel close to people quite quickly through writing – sharing not just their work, but their ideas, experiences, emotional life. You open yourself up to people’s ‘gaze’ when you show them your writing and that involves trust.

I’ve learnt so much about the writing process through teaching it. Reading a lot of short stories, chapters of novels has made it easier to spot weaknesses and know possible ways to put those right. The best gift would be to see my own work with the same clarity! I’ve gone some way to that, but sometimes the ‘objective eye’ refuses to focus.

The end of some of my teaching for the moment does have one major bonus – time for my own writing. I’ve got a short story Lily and the Blue Book that I want to improve; another When Maisie Got Home to finish, and my complete rewrite of The Piano Player’s Son. A busy summer beckons!

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