Not Everything is Said

Last week I went on a great writing course in North Wales with Jan Fortune-Wood. The course was held in a wonderful place, Tyn-y-Coed, which is owned by Pete Marshall, poet and marvellous host.

The scenery is glorious there and the weather was amazing for late March – a great enticement to escape the laptop and enjoy the area – but I got a lot of writing done, thanks to Jan’s inspiration. In one of Pete’s sessions, I actually wrote my first found poem! Great fun.

I met some lovely people on the course, talented writers, and it was so good to spend time concentrating on writing without life’s other distractions.

I cam across two interesting quotes, both about poetry, but equally applicable to short stories and novels. The first is from Patricia Hampl ‘Poetry’s essence is not to show or tell as we say of fiction, but to reveal.’ To reveal – so important.

And the second one is by David Burnett ‘In a good poem, as in a good marriage, not everything is said.’ I love that – Not everything is said. Poignant but true!

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