Book signing

I did a book signing at Number 8, Pershore, an arts centre/coffee shop, the other Saturday – a rainy, miserable day when people might have stayed at home. The beginning was a bit slow, but the last couple of hours were great. Not huge numbers of buyers but enough to make it worthwhile, considering there had been no publicity whatsoever, and I’m an unknown author.

I met some really nice people and it was great to chat to them and think they were going off with a copy of Uunravelling to read. I really hope they enjoy it.

Still continuing to get great feedback – emails, phone calls, letters. They’re lovely to receive. I was at a party at the weekend and a couple of people there had read it. I enjoyed hearing their comments and their responses to the different characters – especially Gerald! He’s the one who provokes the strongest reactions, both good and bad. A strong reaction is what I wanted, so he’s done his job. Thank you, Gerald!

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