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Last Saturday I did a talk at Malvern library on Unravelling. It was great – a good audience, nice, relaxed atmosphere and lots of interesting questions about the book – characters, the plot, the complexity of the relationships and so on.

There were also questions about the writing process, successful writing, particularly endings that work, writing for different audiences. We ranged over a number of topics. Afterwards, I was able to chat to people, while they – very kindly – bought copies of Unravelling, and over coffee, although that was sadly curtailed by the spectre of the parking ticket! Thanks to everyone who was part of the audience and helped make it such an enjoyable experience.

I’ve also started a couple of my writing courses again. That’s great – so valuable, as a writer, to be able to think and talk about what works in a piece of writing, and what doesn’t. I learn – and relearn – so much myself from the process. And it’s fascinating to hear so many different ideas and writing styles. What a lovely way to spend a Monday!

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  1. Daphne van Loenen says:

    I was at your talk on Saturday and bought the book, which I have just finished. Thoroughly enjoyable, couldn’t wait for the next development. Could absolutely imagine the Gerald character and feel I know him well! Savannah also – well, all of them really. I wanted to see your reading group guide but the website didn’t work. I’m hoping my tutor, Janey Hewitt, will have read this (she was also at your talk) so we can discuss it at our course.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Daphne. I’m glad you enjoyed Unravelling – and you don’t seem to hate Gerald! I’ve emailed an reading group guide to you. Hope you find it interesting.


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