Once again I have been silent for a long time. Every day blog is on my list and every day – it slides away from me!

One reason this time is a few days away in lovely Cornwall. While we were there we visited the Minack, a wonderful theatre on a rocky outcrop near Land’s End. Unfortunately, our visit didn’t coincide with a performance, but what a magical place, with the sparkling sea as a backdrop and the ‘auditorium’ hewn out of the rock face. I would love to see a production of something like The Tempest there.

The story of how it came to be  is equally remarkable. It was the inspiration of Rowena Cade and built entirely by her and her two builder’s mates. She was still hard at work into her nineties! 

On the way back, we had a weekend in Plymouth, another place I love – especially The Hoe, although on this occasion its magic was slightly marred by the appearance of the fair!

We went on a boat trip up the River Tamar, which marks the boundary between Devon and Cornwall. The trip took in the docks with some warships and submarines. What a scary, unknoweable thing a submarine seems to be.

Back home, I found an email with some good news. I’d entered the first chapter of my novel ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ for a competition run by Writers Billboard, and I’d been selected as the winner for August! The chapter is on their website and will remain so for two months. Great stuff!

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