Lovely book group

Last night I went to my first group to discuss Unravelling, arranged through Feya, one of my writing students. What a lovely experience! The group is called ‘The Common Reader’ – a slant on Alan Bennett’s ‘The Uncommon Reader – and they were so nice – lively, intelligent, fun, but serious about books and... read more


Why is self-promotion so difficult? In order to sell Unravelling, I’ve got to promote it – and, indirectly, ME. But it’s so hard. I wonder if it’s something that particularly affects writers. Used to spending hours alone, creating, manipulating, exploring other worlds, do writers find it harder than other creative people... read more


I’m still getting good feedback on Unravelling (four 5-stars reviews on Amazon!) and sales continue, but not in the same numbers as just after it was published. I always knew this was going to be the difficult part and unfortunately there’s been a lull while moving has taken place. It’s... read more