Poor neglected blog!

Little did I think when I wrote my last post that I wouldn’t return for almost a month. The reason? A temporary move of home so that builders could start work on an extension and other upgrades to our house. Obviously I knew it would be hard work and time consuming, but I completely underestimated the extent to which it would take over my life.

However, we’ve now moved – to a wonderful, idyllic temporary home. It’s far from ‘sorted’ but I can at least raise my head from packing, carrying boxes, unpacking … packing, carrying boxes, unpacking!

So, what has the last month held?

Great feedback on Unravelling has continued. The most frequent comment has been ‘unputdownable’ which is great. Someone said it took him three weeks to read the first 200 pages, and then one night to read the last 200 – a satisfying comment. Someone else said she was reading it slowly because she didn’t want it to end!

It’s in a number of Worcestershire libraries and so far has been doing well. The Lovereading website is going to promote it as part of their summer reading promotion. Two books groups have already said they are going to read it, and I’m discussing with the librarians at Evesham, Broadway and Malvern libraries holding an author event, one to take place before the summer holidays, and two others in October.

Oh – and I’m on the front cover of South Worcestershire College’s part-time prospectus,  holding a copy of Unravelling!

So – it’s going well, and now I’ve got more time, I need to start further promotions. The main downside is that I haven’t done any writing at all since before the book launch – a very serious case of neglect. However, I’m reading Rose Tremain’s new book Trespass, and am really enjoying it.  I’m hopeful new writing will materialise soon.

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