I just want to chart a few successes I’ve had since Unravelling’s launch:

  • It’s mentioned on Cornflower Books, a book blog, which has many readers and contributors. It appears in a post with Maggie O’Farrell’s latest book – I really like her books, especially The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox and Unravelling is in the same post!
  • I’ve been asked to present the awards to people who have completed the six-book challenge at South Worcestershire College (Malvern campus) and the award is a copy of Unravelling! The presentation of the awards is in Malvern library next week.
  • There have been some follow-on orders from people who were at the launch and want more copies, and from people who couldn’t be there.
  • The first reactions on Unravelling  are very postive: ‘a damn good read’, ‘settings beatifully described’, ‘the characters came alive straight away’, ‘good dialogue’, ‘well written’.

I know I’m blowing my own trumpet. I’d love to have some reviews on Amazon, so that others can help me play the tune. If you’re not morally, culturally, intellectually opposed to Amazon and you enjoy Unravelling, please post a review!

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