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I’ve been getting great feedback on Unravelling, which is wonderful. I want people to relate to the characters, get hooked by the story – all the things they’re saying. But one thing bothers me – several people have mentioned HOLIDAY READ. Lovereading, a website that links books with readers and is going to promote Unravelling describes it as ‘a terrific holiday read’. Fantastic, you might say. What’s wrong with that?

And it is fantastic and I’m certainly not complaining! But – yes, there’s a but – I’ve always thought the term to be slightly derogatory, implying light, easy reading that you only have to give half your attention to, while you’re applying sun cream, or cooling your feet in the shallows, or studying the talent on the next sun lounger.

Okay, that’s a stereotypical typical view of a holiday, but that reflects my anxiety about the expression ‘holiday read’. Does the pigeonholing make Unravelling a narrow, sterotypical book? 

It also seems strange to me as I tend to read more in the winter. I do read a lot on holiday, but the real joy is sitting by the fire on a cold, dreary winter’s afternoon with a completely engrossing book. But you never hear people talk about ‘a terrific winter read’!

But several people have also said Unravelling is addictive  – they can’t put it down, and they felt completely involved in the characters – so I’m hoping that’s the aspect that is making it good to read on holiday. And if people buy or borrow Unravelling, read it and enjoy it, what does it matter how they describe it? I’m convinced – I’ll settle for ‘terrific holiday read’!

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