Book Launch Day!

On Sunday Unravelling’s launch actually happened! It was wonderful – all I could have hoped for and more.

Most of the people I’d invited came (and some I hadn’t) so there were almost one hundred people there. I’d asked students from my writing groups to read some of their work and they did so brilliantly. Almost too well – I thought I was going to be upstaged!

Mary Whitehead read The Reunion on behalf of Nicky Stratton about a group of 70-year olds whose school reunion turns nasty. Sylvia Wall read three of her sonnets. Amy Rainbow read Stella’s Scissors, a wonderfully funny and ironic look at sex in marriage, and Maureen Hall and Chris Martyn read a dialogue by Bryan Tainton, where a husband and wife discuss the poem on love he has to write for his writing group. The wife’s probing questions and the squirming responses from the husband make for a very entertaining conversation. It was a fantastic display of talent, which the audience really enjoyed.  Then it was my turn.

The students were so good that I worried about following them, especially as their readings were funny and mine wasn’t. But the audience seemed to enjoy the first chapter and a couple of other short extracts from Unravelling. Then it was selling books and book signing. It wasn’t quite the Waterstone’s book tent at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, but still enough of a buzz and queues to buy and for signing gave it something of that atmosphere.

And so home and a follow-on party to celebrate my birthday! Too much joy – all in one day. My family produced a cake with the front cover of Unravelling on top as part of the icing. Tears pricked at my eyes. The day itself and all the preparations were  hard work but it was more than worth it when it all turned out so well. One day – I might recover!

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