Why don't people reply to invitations?

I’ve got my book launch planned. Now for the invitations. They’re designed and printed; addresses are written on envelopes; postcards with Unravelling’s front cover are included – now it’s time to put them in the post and wait for the replies to come flooding in.

Except they don’t!  

Okay – that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Some lovely people do reply quickly – yes, we’d love to come/no, sorry, we’ve got a trip to the South Seas planned. Fine. Great. You know one way or the other. From other people there’s a mysterious silence. I try to fathom the meaning of the silence – yes, we’re coming, no we’re not coming, we can’t come, we don’t want to come, we’ve got better things to do with Sunday afternoons.

Any one of these is a possibility, and for me the route from – they can’t come – they don’t want to – they can’t stand the thought of it – is a short one.

However, enough people have responded to suggest the launch will be fun, exciting and interesting. I’m looking forward to it – in a nervily neurotic sort of way. And, in future when I’m invited to something, I’ll make sure my RSVP is on its way within the hour!

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