Troubles/Joys come not as single spies …

In Hamlet Claudius says ‘Troubles come not as single spies but as battalions’ (hope I’ve remembered the quote correctly).  And vile as Claudius is, he’s right. 

When things go wrong, they seem to spread the infection: your child is ill, and you get locked out of your car;  it pours with rain, and your credit card is refused; the central heating breaks down, and you are made redundant. On and on. The misery swirls round you. 

But I’ve noticed the reverse is also true. Sometimes – well, occasionally! – the joys, too, seem to spread their excitement, their lifting of the world beyond the mundane. This happened to me last week.

The article on Unravelling was published in The Vale magazine. Apart from one small aspect, I liked it; it read well and it made the book sound interesting. People complimented me. They emailed to say the article had made them want to buy the book. Great!                                                      

This was exciting. This was enough to keep me going for days! But I barely had time to read the article the required millions of times, before new excitement came along.

The Book arrived! Box after box full of copies of Unravelling. Holding one for the first time was emotional. I had created it, but here it was with its own independent existence. I wanted to laugh, but tears threatened too. What a wonderful, strange experience. But joyful – definitely full of joy!

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