Silence – the sequel

Once again I’ve had a long period of absence from the blog. I read other people’s and they’re writing feverishly on a daily basis. It makes me feel inadequate and I’ve got enough other things that do that – I don’t need to introduce ‘blog-guilt’ into the equation!

The only excuse I can claim is that things have gone a bit mad recently – it’s been so busy! (Although as my old headmistress used to say that might be a reason but it’s not an excuse.) First I went to the York Festival of Writing, 400 delegates, lots of agents, interesting workshops – although some were distinctly better than others; I particularly enjoyed Jeremy Sheldon on ‘show don’t tell’, and I met some nice people.                                              

Then I’ve started two new writing course, one in Chipping Campden and one in Upton-upon-Severn. A good group of people in both places. What with the courses I’m already running in Evesham and Malvern, and the poetry group I’m taking at Evesham library, free time is hard to come by.                                                      

I’ve also done an interview with a local paper (horrible photo!), so getting plenty of publicity. Plans for Unravelling’s launch are also hotting up. I’m hoping for 80 to 90 people. It’s starting to feel EXCITING.

I’ve been checking out various marketing activities as well. I’ve sent Unravelling to two people who write book blogs and it’s posted on Cornflower Books as a new arrival. This is great and gives the novel more widespread exposure. Once the launch is over, I’ll have to concentrate on this.

Only a week now until my talk at Chipping Campden, and then straight into the launch!

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