Silence – the sequel

Once again I’ve had a long period of absence from the blog. I read other people’s and they’re writing feverishly on a daily basis. It makes me feel inadequate and I’ve got enough other things that do that – I don’t need to introduce ‘blog-guilt’ into the equation! The only... read more

Troubles/Joys come not as single spies …

In Hamlet Claudius says ‘Troubles come not as single spies but as battalions’ (hope I’ve remembered the quote correctly).  And vile as Claudius is, he’s right.  When things go wrong, they seem to spread the infection: your child is ill, and you get locked out of your car;  it pours with rain, and... read more

Why don't people reply to invitations?

I’ve got my book launch planned. Now for the invitations. They’re designed and printed; addresses are written on envelopes; postcards with Unravelling’s front cover are included – now it’s time to put them in the post and wait for the replies to come flooding in. Except they don’t!   Okay – that’s a... read more