I’m very aware that I haven’t written here for some time. Why? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself. It keeps calling to me, telling me I should write, but somehow I resist. Have I got blog fatigue after less than three months?

There is an element of that. The process of writing about what I’m doing, rather than getting on and doing it, can grow wearying. And after all, it isn’t proper writing, is it? My fear when I first started  the blog that it would take up time that I could be using to write creatively is partly being realised.

And yet, and yet … as we all know, we have to have a website; we have to have a blog; we have to network; we have to get out there and market ourselves. Have we ended up in some sort of marketing nightmare? Are we all going round in circles, so that soon we’ll be emailing and tweeting ourselves? Perhaps George Orwell foresaw the wrong tyrant in 1984. Perhaps it’s not the the political tyrants we should fear but the marketeers!

Right, now I’ve got that little rant off my chest, I will return in the next day or so and write a sane, normal, more RATIONAL post!

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