The Perils of Technology

This is a quick post  – I haven’t been able to get on to the blog for several days as there have been problems with the server. Technology is a wonderful thing until it doesn’t work and then it makes you want to tear your hair out. I can’t believe how frustrating it’s been.

I wanted to say sorry to people who’ve contacted me saying they had tried to get on the website and failed. I hope they’ll come back.

If I’m honest, I probably wouldn’t have written much anyway as I’ve been deep into proofreading. I now realise why there are so many adverts offering proofreading training – they have to keep recruiting people as nobody can face doing it for very long! It’s one of those pesky jobs that is demanding and requires concentration but is tedious.

But I’m hoping to get the corrected proofs in the post tomorrow and then I might have a few days’ breathing space before they come winging back for checking. And all the time the terrible fear that I’ve missed something crucial lurks!

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