My First Gig!

I’m going to be talking about ‘Unravelling’ at the first Chipping Campden Literary Festival in May!

I wrote to the artistic director Vicky Bennett with an idea for a talk. At first she was hesitant about a self-published author (although she’s successfully published her own novel) but when she saw my biography – other work published, MA, creative writing tutor – she gave me a slot.

The title is The Art and Graft of Self-publishing – from manuscript to paperback:the journey of the self-published novel. It’s on 7th May, so if you get a chance come along. Patrick Gale is on the list of participants and William Boyd has just accepted. Two of my favourite authors – I’m so excited.

The publishing company prepare Advance Information (AI) on the novel, which they send out to bookshops, media and so on. The advice is follow up with a visit. So, armed with my AI, I set off to visit the bookshop in Chipping Campden this week.  I’d always scorned salesmen of any kind: insurance , double glazing, saucepans – if I wanted it, I’d go and buy it, wouldn’t I? But here I was cold-calling.  I was nervous.

It was a success! The person in the bookshop, Mary Gray, couldn’t have been nicer. When I gave her my Advance Information, she recognised me as one of the participants at the Festival. She was pleased to have a copy of the cover of ‘Unravelling’ – hot off the press. My novel will be stocked and promoted in the bookshop in the run-up to the Festival. She said I can have a table outside the bookshop to sell ‘Unravelling’.

I came home feeling elated. On the strength of that, I fired off an email to Stratford-on-Avon Literary Festival. I noticed they want to promote local authors. Here’s hoping!

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  1. joancorrigall says:

    Well done for persevering despite intial lack of enthusiam from Festival organiser! It takes a lot of courage to fight for what you want to achieve. Hope the book is a huge success and look forward to attending the Festival.

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